Our service is founded on three principles: understanding what the client’s needs are, uncompromising screening of candidates and finding the intersection of client requirements and candidate capabilities. Confidentiality and discretion are the cornerstones of how we do business.


The leading domestic staffing agency in the US and UK.


We gain a thorough understanding of each client’s needs, which helps ensure an efficient service. We are experienced in staffing households of all sizes, up to and including large estates.

Candidate Screening

We have a rigorous screening process. Each candidate undergoes in-depth interviews to ensure the integrity of their resume and to understand their personality and career aspirations. We carry out thorough reference checks.


We view discretion and confidentiality as key attributes of how we do business. All BAHS employees handle client and candidate information with the utmost care and is never shared outside the firm except in the context of a placement. Further, we promote only candidates who we perceive aspire to the same level of discretion.