The Duchess of Cambridge's Pregnancy Has Sparked A Rise In Home Birth Enquiries


By Olivia Blair for Elle UK

The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly considering a home birth for royal baby number three

The Duchess of Cambridge effect shows no sign of waning. Enquiries into home births are said to be on the rise since reports circulated to suggest that she plans to give birth to her third child at Kensington Palace.

Private Midwives, the UK's largest private provider of home birth services, says it has experienced a 44% increase in enquires following the royal pregnancy confirmation in September.

Shortly after the announcement from Kensington Palace, the Daily Mail claimed that Kate was considering a home birth this time around. According to the newspaper, she had planned to do the same with the birth of her daughter Charlotte but decided against it after taking medical advice.

Despite the reports not having been confirmed by the royal family themselves, they have nevertheless spiked interest amongst expectant parents, the private midwifery practice found.

Their survey of almost 1,600 UK adults revealed that nearly a third (29%) would prefer to give birth at home, while one in five (21%) admitted to looking to royals and celebrities for pregnancy inspiration.

Linda Bryceland, director of midwifery, quality and safety at the company, said: "We've seen a definite rise in interest surrounding home births [since reports about the Duchess]. With many of the services she and other A-listers utilise becoming more readily accessible and affordable, we're seeing expectant mothers being presented with more and more options.

"As well as a rise in awareness, there is also an increase in professional career-driven women who, in the current economic climate, do not want to take time off work for antenatal appointments. Their partners also frequently struggle to get time off to attend antenatal appointments."