3 must-have buggy accessories for mums on the go


from Mummy in the City

A few years ago I started writing a blog post about buggy accessories. At that time in my life I remember finding myself in Harrods on a Sunday–purely to look for another all important piece for the Bugaboo. Buggy accessories was a topic of discussion at dinner parties. It was something I wanted to write about. And here are the three I had written down as my three favourites:


For first-time parents living in London, I think a cupholder is pretty essential. It means it’s easier to go for long walks with the buggy and bring a bottle or pick up a hot drink. In fact, for our second buggy Daddy T and I bought two cupholders, so we could both have our drinks there when we went on long walks together on weekends. Excited first-time parents!


To start with, I didn’t get a parasol for the buggy and couldn’t understand why I needed one. But when I started going for longer walks with a curious baby who wanted to look around and not have a view distracted by a sun cover the parasol was a practical addition. I also used it for rain protection if it was drizzling outside since the rain cover tended to have the same effect on the mood as the sunshade.

UV sun cover

We had our first holiday with baby when she was four months old, and before booking I hadn’t read the advice on sun cream on newborns. To prepare for the holiday, I bought a sun cover with UV protection, and it became one of our most frequently used buggy accessories. Perfect for nap time in the buggy!