Duties of a Modern Butler


What comes to mind when you think of a butler? Is it the formal, British domestic service staff from Downton Abbey? Or do you think of Alfred’s stoic and tech-savvy service to Batman and Wayne Manor?

If you are looking to hire a butler for your home, it is important to understand the modern butler’s duties and how one may support your unique household.

A butler is usually a valet or major domo for the gentleman of the house or the entire household. He or she will hold a certification from a Butler school, often from England or the Netherlands and will be well-versed in wines and may hold a culinary degree.

In the late twentieth century, the number of homes employing butlers decreased dramatically. In response, the role evolved to extend beyond valeting and serving and began to take on more managerial responsibilities. Due to this change and a boom in household income, especially in countries like China, hiring a butler has once again become a common solution to household staffing.

Modern Butler Duties

Regardless of how the role of the butler has changed over time, the position is dedicated to discreet and competent service. General duties may include:

  • managerial responsibilities

  • keeping accounts

  • marketing

  • maintaining wardrobe

  • responsible for family and staff schedule

  • household finances

  • contact for vendors

  • supervising household staff

  • hiring and training household staff

  • compiling and organizing the household manual

  • seeing to maintenance and repairs

  • planning events and menus

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